Welcome, May! So good to see you! As you work your way through this month’s checklist, think Memorial Day, beach weather, the smell of fresh-cut grass, longer days, and warmer nights!

  • Test all of your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Clean and inspect your gutters. Make sure the clips and straps are all tightly fastened. Run a garden hose in them and make sure the water is directed at least 3 feet away from your foundation.
  • Don’t let the beauty of spring and sunshine be clouded; make those windows sparkle! Streak free tip: don’t work directly in the sun.
  • Air-conditioning season approaches. Have your unit checked, clean the condenser or heat pump of debris, and replace the forced-air filter.
  • Reset your thermostats and automatic sprinklers as the weather changes.
  • Paint your patio and deck furniture to enjoy it all season long. If there’s no need to paint, coat metal pieces with auto polish before placing them outside for the season.
  • Put away your winter clothes. Have articles you didn’t wear even once this year? Donate them and don’t forget to keep track of your donations for taxes next year.

May Home Maintenance Checklist Printable Version.