In today’s world, we are advised to have all sorts of emergency plans in place in the event that one thing or another is to happen. We have emergency preparation kits so that we are prepared for the next hurricane, Nor’easter, or blizzard. We have emergency evacuation plans to exit our houses safely during a fire. Emergency first aid kits are in our cars, emergency back-ups on our computers, and maybe even an emergency phone list just in case you can’t get to the bus stop in time to meet the kids. Unfortunately, not many people have an emergency plan in place for the event that they come home to a washing machine that has suds to the living room, a hot water tank that gave out its last leg, or a furnace puff back coating soot on every square inch of everything!

When you are faced with the unexpected, having a plan in place serves wonders on retaining a clear mind, lowering stress levels, and keeping damage to a minimum. Imagine: You’ve just finished a long day at work, completed your grocery shopping, and finally you’ve open the door to start prepping dinner when you find your kitchen floor sitting beneath a layer of water generously leaked from your failed dish washer. Thankfully you’ve already programmed your agent in your phone and done your emergency restoration company research. Smart phones can even save your policy number information directly with the contact. Your agent gives you a list of local emergency service providers, and you call the one that appealed to you most based on their reviews, testimonials, and maybe a quick phone call prior to sample their office personnel. One more call to your emergency service provider and within 60 minutes or less, help is on the way!

Phew! Imagine all the things you would have been bombarded with if you hadn’t had that plan in place. At key’s turn, with arms full of grocery bags, you would have had to hunt down your agent’s information, policy information, decipher with unknown resources which company to choose to provide your emergency services, and all while your ice cream is leaking! It is so very important to initiate emergency services as soon as possible, otherwise the longer the wait, the more damage to mitigate, but you’ll want to be confident that you’ve chosen the best company for the job. As with any in-home service, it’s a personal matter to invite technicians into your house – no matter what they are providing. Just as you would research your insurance company, the bank you do business with, or even your primary care physician, look into your local restoration companies before you actually need them. Be like a scout; be prepared!