There is a variety of unwanted pests & animals that can cause extensive damage to one’s home or business. Knowing all the negative consequences that come from animal infestations, it is only natural that you would want to protect your property against these critters.

Below are five ways you can help prevent wildlife from becoming a nuisance and making your home their home.

  1. Clean Up Your Home
    • The first thing you should do to protect your home is to clean your entire home, even areas that are difficult to reach. Hard to reach areas like between appliances and counters are some of wildlife’s favorite places to find food. Be sure to regularly vacuum and sweep your floors to keep the kitchen and living areas free of food and crumbs.
  2. Ensure Food is Securely Covered and Stored
    • Pay special attention to pantries, drawers, and cabinets. Pests are constantly looking for food sources to feast on. Make sure to place all food in sealed, hard to access containers. Consider keeping your pet’s food in sealed containers as well. Pet food that is not properly stored can become an enticing food source.
  3. Cover and Secure Your Trash
    • This is important both inside your house and outside. If you leave a bag of garbage in front of your door, you could be attracting unwanted animals to your home. Be sure to put garbage in a trash can and keep that trash can in your garage or shed, if possible. If this is not an option, make sure to secure your bins so they are difficult to open and topple over. This can be done with the use of lids and bungee cords.
  4. Make Necessary Repairs to Your Home
    • Inspect your home thoroughly to look for any small holes, especially near entry and exit points. Be sure to seal any holes and cracks as wildlife can use these as easy entryways into your home. Your chimney also provides an access point for critters . Consider investing in a chimney cap to prevent unwanted wildlife entry. 
  5. Apply Special Coverings Over Your Roof Vents
    • Roof vents are by far one of the most susceptible areas of intrusions by wildlife. Typically raccoons and squirrels are know to destroy roof vents and use them as an entry point. Roof vents can be covered by screening, but the material used must be strong enough to prevent animals from physically removing it and/or chewing through it. Applying protective screening to your roof vents will substantially reduce the risk of being broken into by a wild animal.

If you do suspect intrusive animals in your home or business, you should contact an animal removal service immediately. Once the animals are properly removed, that is when our team can come in and begin to restore all affected areas.

Wildlife should be respected and appreciated within its natural habitat. However, we understand that unwanted wildlife can cause costly damage to your property – that is why we are here to help.

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